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Rhiannon K.
Central Business District

Higher Power is fantastic! The instructors are kind and positive, and I get a great, sweaty, kick-my-butt workout in only 45 min! I alternate between TRX (HIIT) and cycling, and am never disappointed. I've even taken a few yoga classes and was pleasantly surprised (I'm generally not a yoga person). They have a class called Bicycling Buddha which combines a cycling class followed by a yoga class... it'll take everything you've got to make it 'til the end!

The location is convenient for me, and they've opened a downtown/CBD one recently, too. They have a shower and two bathrooms/change rooms (the only downside... when class lets out there can sometimes be a bit of a wait... especially morning classes before work). Everything is kept very clean, and the high-tech bikes are a plus, too! A scoreboard in the front of the cycle room gives you stats and rankings for the duration of class, and you are emailed a total calories/total miles/average speed/etc report after class as well!

The owner, front desk associates, and instructors are all helpful, upbeat (but not annoyingly so) and friendly. :) I'm a fan.

 Katie V.
New Orleans, LA

This place is great! I just relocated to New Orleans a few months ago & have been looking for a place to learn more about yoga. This studio not only has classes for every skill level but also offers several different styles of classes to accommodate whatever your goals are for that day. Haven't gotten to try the cycling classes yet but that's next on my list!

Gwen G.
New Orleans, LA

I think this is by far the best spin studio in New Orleans area. I have tried them all so far except cycle bar which I will visit as soon as it opens but I think higher power has great instructors.

Genevieve R
New Orleans, LA

I love this spin studio. All of the instructors are incredibly positive, informative, supportive and friendly. I'm new to spin and they've been very welcoming and more than willing to answer any questions I have. They really push you during the classes, but still allow you to pick your personal limits. it's a fantastic work out and challenge. I love that I can get a good work out in only 45 minutes of spin.. it helps exercise-time always fit into my schedule, in addition to their flexible class times (open early and close late!). I would recommend this studio to anyone.. Great vibes!

Lydia W.
Midcity, New Orleans

I am a huge fan of this studio and their instructors. I took my first spin class here in March and I now go to 4 or 5 classes a week. Besides getting an incredible work out, I haven't suffered from any knee pain since I started consistently doing classes here. (I tore my ACL and both cartilages playing soccer and used to have chronic knee pain all the time). They offer a variety of classes everyday of the week and you can conveniently sign up on your phone or computer. The cycling and yoga classes are really fun and I especially like the fusion classes ("Bicycling Buddha") where you do a bit of both. They also now have HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes that are short in length, but believe me you will feel the burn. Lots of quick repetitions of exercises for your core and pretty much every muscle group. They have done their homework on how to maximize your time to get the best full body workout. Out of all the classes they offer, I heart the spin classes the most. The spin studio is truly state-of-the-art. The bikes are each individually equipped with computers so that you can keep tract of your power, speed, distance and even heart rate if you have a monitor. Your stats are e-mailed to you after class so that you can keep up with your progress. I love seeing how far I was able to bike and how many calories I burned. Although I am a competitive person myself, the environment in the studio is one of support. Higher power is an incredible group of people and they all really want to have fun while they sweat. The owners are good people, too - they are very active in our New Orleans community and that means so much to me. There is a $10 drop-in class every Sunday with a new fun theme (example: 80s night, St. Paddy's day, Mother's Day ride, etc) if you want to check out a Bicycling Buddha. Make sure you sign up ahead of time because it does fill up. I haven't taken a class I didn't like. All the instructors are great - esp. Mark, Shani, Brooke, Sarah and Collin. And if you want a real challenge, check out Gigi's performance cycle on Wednesday. She will kick your butt!