Do it for You!

Sweating at least once a day, is one of my top priorities as a young adult. It is the way I thank my body for never giving up on me when I push myself extremely hard. When I close my eyes in a Higherpower cycle class, I remember how lucky I am to have such a healthy body and mind. In YATheltic yoga, I breathe and think back to a time in my life, when I needed this. I needed this practice, this class, this teacher, and this moment. In TRX, I push myself to  my ultimate limit, because I am strong and have overcome weakness. I exit all higherpower classes, with a smile on my face, because I just kicked ass and proved once again, I am strong, healthy, and happy. But many times, I take for granted my health. A friend of mine, doesn’t have the ability to enjoy fitness like I do, and I could never imagine a life without exercise. Take a moment to mindfully bring a  individual in your life to mind who would appreciate the ability your body has. Think about what it is like to be unable to flow in yoga class, crush reps in TRX E.P.I.C, or climb a hill in cycle. Don’t take your next fitness class for granite, instead, do it for a friend who wishes they could be next to you in class. Do it for your health and strength. Do it because you have a healthy body that will work as hard as you are willing to push it, because someone out there wishes they had your amazing ability to enjoy a healthy lifestyle filled with higherpowernola yoga, TRX, and cycle classes.  

Rise and Shine! Benefits of practicing yoga in the morning

Early Morning Yoga Regulates Your Sleep Rhythm & Balance Your Hormones-

Once you make practicing yoga in the morning a habit, your body becomes accustomed to getting up at the same time each day. This means you will awake feeling more energized and alert. While practicing yoga, the attention to breathing, meditation, and Asana has a positive effect on the endocrine system, which is responsible for long-term body maintenance. The endocrine system uses glands and hormones, to help keep you balanced. Certain yoga poses stimulate the pineal gland which excretes the melatonin hormone that regulates sleep patterns. As you regulate your circadian sleep cycles, the feeling of confusion upon awakening from sleep (due to widely changing sleep times) starts to disappear.

Early Morning Yoga Helps to Build a Healthy, Consistent Routine-

Studies have shown that 90% of those who exercise regularly, as in more than three times a week, are morning practitioners.  Having an established morning routine, encourages you to stick with it. Most of us live busy lives, and our time is valuable. It is understandably tough to fit in a yoga class during your busy day, and by the evening, things may come up that prevent you from practicing, or you're just feeling too tired.  Doing your practice first thing in the morning provides outstanding relief. Just imagine having your yoga practice and your exercise completely done with before 8 am! The feeling of self-empowerment that comes from being disciplined in your routine, brings increased mental strength into other areas of your life as well. Early morning yoga can help to build a healthy, consistent routine to your yoga practice.

Early morning yoga may boost your metabolism-

Practicing yoga early in the morning will warm up your digestive system and help nutrients move more easily through the body, causing it to metabolize carbs and fats more quickly. We know how amazing twists can be for wringing out the digestive system and invigorating our vital organs. Practicing these Asanas first thing in the morning, can awaken our bellies, easing any morning aches and pains. 

Early Morning Yoga is a Great Caffeine Alternative-

The specific type of breathing done during your early morning yoga practice, stimulates your entire body and mind.  All of that fresh oxygen helps wake up the brain, and it can feel like a jolt of caffeine; yet unlike coffee or tea, the energy boost you feel from deep pranayama breathing lasts all day long!  Early morning yoga helps you to feel more energized, yet grounded at the same time, thus helping you to accomplish more and be more productive during the day. Even on the days when I feel a little tired or less energy upon waking up, that certainly always changes after my hour long morning yoga practice.  You start to feel alive, with clarity and purpose, and you go about your day with absolutely no caffeine required!

Morning stretching prevents injury and achiness throughout the day-

Yoga lengthens and stretches our tight bodies, preparing us for all movement throughout the day. For those of us that sit at a desk, yoga poses in the morning counter those hours we spend sedentary. Yoga increases spinal flexibility and encourages better posture. The poses we hold when we first wake up, will set our muscle memory into effect for standing taller and walking easier as the day progresses.

What to expect: Your Guide to Higherpowernola Classes


Our cycle classes at higherpower are unlike any other cycle experience. As class begins, the lights are turned down low, and the music is cranked up. The cycle room becomes a new world as the instructors remove you from any other outside distractions. The cycle room is lit with neon lights and equipped with monitors displaying every individual's energy, rpm, power, rank and bike number. The cycle class at higherpowernola is the best indoor cycling in New Orleans. You will work on time trials, jumps, tap-backs, climbs, and sprints throughout class. Higherpower instructors turn the class into a whole new experience for even the most practiced riders. Classes end with a cool down and stretch leaving you with your new found high. Expect to need a water bottle, because you will sweat like you've never sweat before. Higherpower has towels and shoes available.


Yoga at higherpower takes is unlike any yoga you've done before. Higherpower incorporates strength exercises to help you tone every muscle in the body; all the while increasing your balance, flexibly, and mindfulness. Our yoga classes take place in our heated studio, where distractions are left behind. If you sign up for our YAThletic class, your heart will be pumping, and you will face a more vigorous strength yoga flow. If you are not looking for a challenge you can relax and rejuvenate in our our candlelit yin yoga class or beginner yoga class. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself, because our power yoga classes combine strength and relaxation in perfect balance. Be sure to bring a mat and water bottle, but don't worry if you forget it/don't own one. Higherpower has mats and water available to borrow or purchase.


If you are looking to sweat and get your ass kicked with a strength and cardio combo, then TRX E.P.I.C will do the trick. Our  TRX E.P.I.C class takes place in our yoga studio and features body weight and dumbbell strength exercises, in addition to, some short intense cardio blasts. In this class, you move from your mat to the TRX bands which will keep you focused and cause some serious sweating. Don't understand TRX?--- TRX bands (with foot-loops and handles) hang from the ceiling, and allow you to perform almost any strength or cardio workout. You will be holding onto the straps at an angle, using your sheer body weight as a challenge. Our TRX E.P.I.C class is bad ass and even beginners fall in love with it. It's always fun to try something new, and we guarantee you will love it too. So grab your mat and water bottle and get ready to shred serious fat and calories in this awesome high intensity class!

Pre-workout Meals for Higherpower classes

Tips on Fueling Up Before a Higherpower Workout:

Now that you know what not to eat before a workout at higher power, let's focus on some pre-workout meal suggestions to maximize your fitness goals in a Bicycling Buddha, yogalates, or TRX E.P.I.C. class. Because the level and amount of intensity, cardio, and strength vary from Yoga, cycling, and TRX classes, there are a variety of different pre-workout meals for each.

Pre higherpower Yoga class:

1. Any low acidic fruit will help you steer clear of heart burn and boost your energy due to natural sugars so chose one of these options:
     - Pear
     - Apple
     - Banana
     - Watermelon
     - Raisins
     - Palm full of dried apricots

2.  Almonds are another great energizing snack, because they contain potassium, magnesium, and vitamin E which boosts your stamina when you turn up the heat in class.

3.  Oatmeal is another quick burning pre-workout snack that will leave you satisfied until the end of class, but limit this to a half cup serving in order to avoid a belly ache.

4. Greek Yogurt is the perfect protein packed snack that will energize your workout on the mat. However, be sure to avoid this snack if you have trouble digesting dairy products.

Pre higherpower cycle class:

 1. Bananas are a great potassium rich energy source that will help you power through your ride.

 2. Throw together a smoothie before you hit the bike. Grab a blender, add some nutritious leafy greens, a fruit, and protein powder to boost energy and fuel you to the end of your workout.

 3. Egg Whites  are a great pre-workout meal if you have time to throw them together before a class.

4. Dried Fruits are full of healthy natural sugars that give you a boost you need on the bike.

If you're about to kill a strength and cardio workout in our TRX E.P.I.C. Class then these pre-meal are for you:

1. Smoothies (60-90 minutes before) with low fat and sugar, moderate protein, and a high amount of carbs. (Banana, almond milk,berries, and a Small amount of whey protein)

2. Small price of fruit (berries, bananas, dates, Apple)

3. If you have over an hour before you hit the weights, then brown rice and black beans are a great combination of pre-workout fuel.

Another great option is to combine the your fruit with oatmeal or some almond/peanut butter.  

Choosing the right pre-workout meal depends upon your individual body. So even if these options aren't for you, figure out what works best through trial and error. Higherpowernola classes will challenge you and push you to your physical limit, so it is important to prepare your body properly. Smoothies are easy to add super-foods to. Some ideas include: chia seeds, spirulina, coconut oil, goji berries, kale, etc. 
No matter the workout don't forget to hydrate! Water is one of the most important pre-meal necessities.                              

Cycle, Yoga, TRX, oh my!

Having trouble deciding which higherpower workout is for you?

So you’ve decided it’s time to hit the higherpower gym, but you don’t know where to start. Totally cool. The first step is choosing a fitness goal. This way you can choose which higherpower classes will help you meet your fitness and wellness goals the fastest.

If you’re interested in burning fat, improving your heart health, and increasing muscle endurance, then sign up for a higherpower cycling class.
The hp cycling classes range from 45-60 minutes of work at a high intensity level. Our indoor cycling classes take place in a distraction free zone, where the lights are low and the music is loud, leaving the outcome up to you. The heart pumping cycle classes challenge you to reach your full potential and blast fat and calories away. So if you’re looking to get your sweat on and kill it on the bike, the following classes are for you: Higher 1 (45 minutes), Higher 2 (60 minutes), & Cycling for Newbies

If your fitness goal is centered around toning and strengthening muscle with a lower amount of cardio, then jump into a TRX class.
But don’t mistake “lower amount” for “lower intensity”, because you won’t hear low intensity in our TRX class; you may hear “ass kicking” though. Our TRX class features suspension strength training, with a short bursts of calorie shredding cardio. Switching from a mat to the suspension bands, our bodyweight and dumbbell exercises will give you the best full body workout you’ve ever done. In addition, TRX helps with your coordination and balance which is helpful in one of our yoga classes which is FREE immediately following any TRX class. (Any yoga class is FREE immediately following an TRX E.P.I.C. session.)

If you're interested in more of a mind-body workout, in addition to increasing flexibility, muscle range, balance, stability, endurance, strength, and awareness all while in a relaxing environment, then sign up for a yoga class like: Power Yoga, YAThletic Yoga, Community Yoga, Turn it up Dawg!, or Beginner Yoga. The previous yoga classes focus on a heated full-body Vinyasa flow, that are for all levels, and will change your life.  

No matter your fitness goal, all higherpower classes compliment one another to give you the greatest balance of health and fitness. So, if your fitness goal corresponds with a cycle class, a yoga class can help speed recovery and get you back on the bike more often. Maybe try out a TRX class, which can boost your metabolism and help you shed calories and fat while you’re off the bike. Higherpower classes are designed to help you power through hard work and accomplish any goal, faster.

Avoid these pre-workout snacks to have a happier higherpower workout

Ever walk into a cycle class at higherpower and wish you didn’t just eat that sugary candy? Or maybe you accidentally ate french fries last minute, because let's face it, we all give into our cravings sometimes. In order to maximize the comfort of a cycle, yoga, or TRX class, here’s some info on what to avoid eating before heading over to higherpower. As the afternoon comes around and our bodies get sluggish after a long day at work, STOP before grabbing a donut, cupcake or candy bar. These sugary bites will end up biting you in the butt during your workout class. The sugar will spike your blood sugar, leaving you crashing mid-vinyasa. Those last minute french fries or greasy fast food items will leave you feeling even more sluggish than after a long day's work. “High fat meals can take up to four hours to burn off”, which can make you feel like that hamburger is bouncing around your stomach all class long. But wait, just because sugar and high fat meals are bad ideas, doesn’t mean skipping out on a meal is a better option. Its just as worse! Coming to a TRX class on an empty stomach, will cause you to crash and burn out not calories. So fuel up properly before heading over to higherpowerNola! Check back with us to see suggestions for pre-workout meals, and e-mail us your favorite energy boosting snack combos.

Here’s a link to of five pre-meal mistakes to avoid:

Get Ready For Summer

It’s now the time of year when the New Orleans heat gets hotter. Summer is just around the corner, which means so is the beach and putting on that bikini you wore in college. Vacationing can sometimes get the best of us, so don’t let it get you without shredding some cals and building some muscle. Come visit higherpower in New Orleans to get that last minute shape up in a cycle, yoga or TRX class. I promise, lounging with your feet in the sand and strawberry daiquiri in hand, you will be super happy you sweat it out in on the bike or mat at higherpower Nola beforehand.

Free Classes For Teachers!

HP wants to show you our appreciation by awarding teachers free CYCLE / YOGA / TRX classes on May 3rd! Please remember to bring a valid school ID.

Wedding Warrior Package - $250

New to the Studio: Get in shape for your wedding with our special Warrior Package

  • 6 Weeks Unlimited Classes
  • Fitness Consultation
  • 5 Buddy Passes

For more information contact Beth:


Berger's Birthday Week

To celebrate Mark's 35th birthday, we have the following deals this week in Midcity:

  • April 14th Hip Hop Happy Hour 14% off apparel & $10 yoga at 6:45 pm w/Christina (use code Happy10)
  • April 15th Tax Day 15% off all drop-ins and 5 packs (use code Tax15)
  • April 16th Berger's Birthday Roast Themed Cycling & Bicycling Buddha w/Shani & Erin 9 am Cycle & 10:30 am Bicycling Buddha
  • April 18th 420 themed 4 pm Yoga with Mark
  • April 19th Gettin Up on a 2sday- FREE Yoga class at 5:30 am with LK
  • 420 Hump Day. 420 themed classes, $4.20 for Bicycling Buddha at 6 am w/Mark (use code 420), $420 unlimited yoga for 4 months ($105/mo.) all day

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