Ten Ways to Beat the Summer Heat if You Love the Outdoors

The summer in New Orleans can be unimaginably hot, so getting outside may be a little harder mid-day. Here are some tips for making the heat and humidity a little more bearable in the summer.

1. Hydrate Extra before and during your workout
The heat will definitely increase the amount you sweat, so plan ahead and double up on your water intake throughout the day. The more you sweat, the more water you lose so extra hydration is key in avoiding dehydration. Also, bring ice water with you. There is nothing better than doing reps, sets, sprints, and intervals with ice cold water in between. To decrease your body temperature, you can pour water on your head or neck.

2. Workout in your wicks
Wicking clothing are lightweight and breathable. Wicking clothes will pull water away from your body making you feel cooler. A baseball cap or a wicking cap will keep the sun off your face.

3. Cool off before you start
Starting a workout in the heat will be easier if you are more willing to be warm. So cool off before. A cold shower or room can be chilly which will motivate you to warm up for your workout.

4. Workout in cooler places
Finding a shady trail or covered area will block the sun and  help you avoid a direct source of heat.

5. Exercise at cooler times of the day
In New Orleans, the morning (anytime before 6am) will be a cooler time for you to crank out an outdoor workout. After 6am, your next cool window starts around 7:30 pm, so plan your workouts around the temperature if you crave that outdoor experience.

Although it is summer in New Orleans, the outdoors increases endorphins, and the sun is a good source of vitamin D. So go outside. Gear up, hydrate, and prepare to sweat in the humid heat of NOLA.

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