What to Expect: Your Guide to Higherpowernola Classes


Our cycle classes at higherpower are unlike any other cycle experience. As class begins, the lights are turned down low, and the music is cranked up. The cycle room becomes a new world as the instructors remove you from any other outside distractions. The cycle room is lit with neon lights and equipped with monitors displaying every individual's energy, rpm, power, rank and bike number. The cycle class at higherpowernola is the best indoor cycling in New Orleans. You will work on time trials, jumps, tap-backs, climbs, and sprints throughout class. Higherpower instructors turn the class into a whole new experience for even the most practiced riders. Classes end with a cool down and stretch leaving you with your new found high. Expect to need a water bottle, because you will sweat like you've never sweat before. Higherpower has towels and shoes available.


at higherpower may be a different yoga experience than what your may be used to  in our yoga classes, Higherpower incorporates strength exercises to help you tone every muscle in the body; all the while increasing your balance, flexibly, and mindfulness. Our yoga classes take place in our heated studio, where distractions are left behind. We don't teach Bikram yoga, but our yoga studio does tend to be around 85-90 degrees.  If you sign up for our YAThletic class, your heart will be pumping, and you will face a more vigorous strength yoga flow. If you are not looking for a challenge, you can relax and rejuvenate in our our candlelit yin yoga class or beginner yoga class. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself, because our power yoga classes combine strength and relaxation in perfect balance. Be sure to bring a mat and water bottle, but don't worry if you forget it/don't own one. Higherpower has mats and water available to borrow or purchase.


If you are looking to sweat and get your ass kicked with a strength and cardio combo, then TRX E.P.I.C. will do the trick. Our  TRX E.P.I.C. class takes place in our yoga studio and features body-weight and dumbbell strength exercises, in addition to, some short intense cardio blasts. In this class, you move from your mat to the TRX bands which will keep you focused and cause some serious sweating. Don't understand TRX?--- TRX bands (with foot-loops and handles) hang from the ceiling, and allow you to perform almost any strength or cardio workout. You will be holding onto the straps at an angle, using your sheer body weight as a challenge. Our TRX E.P.I.C class is badass and even beginners fall in love with it. It's always fun to try something new, and we guarantee you will love it too. So grab your mat and water bottle and get ready to shred serious fat and calories in this awesome high intensity class!